Escorts in Mumbai has been a capital for escorts and vice for a long time. There is an abundance of entertainment in the place with many kinds of services being offered from young to old, from full service to a hand job. There are shops which sell all types of services. Dance shows in the street are quite popular and there are also many women. Who practice the art of erotic.

If you want to know a lady who goes with you to a hotel room then this is the place to be because they would ask for money as one as they will not charge any service. The prices of commutation rates vary from Rs 400 to Rs 500 per hour. The best thing about these services is that the person will stay with you throughout the night without asking for any money.

Here is the List of Prostitutes call Girls Red Light Area of Mumbai

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Top 10 Red Light Areas in Mumbai

The traffic in Mumbai can be very bad. but not all areas are equally congested. If you’re looking for some peace and quiet during your stay in Mumbai. We have a list of the best ten street-side areas to avoid while still being. With in walking distance of the city’s famous landmarks. Although the famous “red light” area is no longer a red-light district . Due to its conversion into a police station and park . Situated just one block behind the old police station, this is a must-visit for anyone who wants to experience a bit of Mumbai’s history.

1 The Police Station (Kamathipura) : This small stretch of road lies just behind the Victoria Terminus and is home to the historic Police Station. The busy area is one of the best places to watch a wedding procession during the night, when residents of this district start parties at night. 
2 Pila House (Mumbra) : A small lane connecting two busy gullies, Pila House is home to some of the most expensive shops in Mumbra. This place is popular for its wholesale jewellery and fashion businesses. The area also has several restaurants, a few jewellery shops and several bus stops that connect Mumbra with the western suburbs and Mumbai. Those who enjoy a unique shopping experience should visit this place while they’re here.
3 Malad Junction (Malad) : Located in south Mumbai, Malad Junction is popular for its beautiful parks, movie halls, restaurants and small markets. It’s the first place where commuters enter Mumbai from the suburbs and it is relatively less crowded than other areas in Mumbai. The area is 1 kilometer long and has multiple lanes lined with residential buildings and businesses.
4: Dongri Located in south Mumbai: Dongri is the place where you can witness busy lanes, rich culture and amazing cuisine. The area is known for its famous 11th century Sufi saint Hazrat Ali Hajveri. The influence of South Indian culture and the rich Muslim heritage of Dongri are clearly visible in the art, architecture and culture of this place. If you’re looking for some street-side shopping, this is probably one of the best places to walk around.
5.Falkland Road (Mumbai Central) : Falkland Road is popular for its Chinese food and bars. It’s also home to several famous landmarks like the famous Statue of Liberty, Star Screen and the Bombay High Court. With so many restaurants, bars and lifestyle shops to choose from, it’s impossible not to explore this short street that has a lot of character.
6: Grant Road (Andheri) : Grant Road has everything that you might be looking for in a city lane. It has no less than 70 shops, bars, restaurants and jewellery shops that give this street a certain charm. This place is popular for its stalls, small markets, restaurants and bars.
7: Garib Nagar (Mumbai Central) : Located in the heart of Mumbai, Garib Nagar is popular for its shops and guest houses. Nothing can be better than a walk down this street where you can witness the busy lanes and bustling markets. The area has its own charm and it’s a great place to experience an authentic street-side market.
8: Dhera Panna (Dadar West) : If you’re walking from Dadar East to Dadar West, then you must visit Dhera Panna.
9 Sonapur (Bandra East) : It’s a full moon night, you’re wandering in the wrong lane and you come across this small street. The area is popular for its Hindu temples, restaurants, shops and markets. The lane is just one kilometer long and has around 40 shops of different brands and types. Most of the time, small stalls selling vegetables sit on both sides of this street.
10 Ghatkopar (Mumbai East) : One of the busiest lanes in Mumbai, Ghatkopar has a lot of small shops, markets and restaurants. It also has a few popular sights like the Ghatkopar Railway Station and Hanuman Temple. Its narrow roads are often filled with buses, cars and vada pav stalls that offer a great night-time experience to tourists. The area is 1 kilometer long and goes parallel to Kalachowki Road.


Prostitutes in mumbai call girls
  • 500–750 for a saree with short sleeves.
  • 900 to 1000 for a saree with long sleeves.
  • 800 to 1000 for a bikini or other type of swimwear

(Note: Prices for various items vary in red light districts in accordance with market rates.)

Services in red-light districts:

Hotel nights cost 2000 per night. You can spend up to three nights with a female. The girls’ gang will charge you. Some females may let you to haggle this price down and receive a discount They want roughly $2000 each night.

Nowadays, the majority of females demand 500 each night. It is still less expensive than any other lodging in Mumbai. Even if it is more expensive than some other areas.

One-way train tickets are available from Several A girl to take you back home or nearby accommodation in some parts of Mumbai. A ticket from Church gate Railway Station costs on average ₹500 and you will be given an amount by your girl group. Travel arrangements in Mumbai can take you to various places nearby. And you can see the Red light area of Mumbai.

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