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How to find prostitutes in Mumbai Red Light area?

Have you ever found yourself in one of the most populous cities on earth, only to have your life literally standing still? If you're new to Mumbai or just too busy for a date, but still don't want to miss the chance for a little action (or in some cases, some interesting conversation), here are some tips and advice on how to find Prostitutes in Mumbai Red Light Area.

First off, it's important that before even stepping foot out of your hotel room as a tourist/new arrival, check with the hotel staff if they know of any prostitution areas. It's not a necessity but it can be handy, especially if you're staying in a high-end hotel that is located close to a red light zone. It's also important that you don't upset the sex workers who are native to the area. Accept their presence, but do not talk to them too much, and definitely never offer them money or ask for directions! There are two kinds of red light areas: sex worker-owned as well as government-owned. There will be more signs and images of prostitutes in the latter type of red light area than there will be in the former.


The red light area I'm referring to is actually the Fanjunk Street prostitution district in Mumbai. If you are staying at any of the following hotels it is too easy for you to find a girl walking around in a blue sari or saree, or if you're sure you'll be out exploring by yourself, shorts and a t-shirt work too. This area is full of girls, some are hot and sexy, others are not (and most will probably be unwilling to ask for money), but if you're here to see how it feels being with a girl it's best that your intentions are clear from the start. Early morning and daytime hours are ideal for visiting the Mumbai Red Light Area Escorts. The prostitutes may be out as early as 7am, but most are only out during the daytime. If you're on a date it's best to give your date a big kiss goodbye before heading to someplace else (before you get sucked into their world), and even then, if you're alone, I'd recommend the following places:


1: V-4 Market (The Blue Area) – It's more of an organized area than a living one. Most of the girls there belong to one of two groups called Shreemaya or Varnika.

2: Dadar (usually around a good-looking girl with a neon yellow saree) – This area is full of strip clubs and fronts at Dadar West railway station. But remember, the girls from the red light area come out of there and there are girls in here too.

3: Churchgate (about 10 minutes walk from Churchgate railway station). It's also quite easy to find here if you're on a date with a high-class lady whom you don't know well.

4: Byculla (girls are mostly from Mumbra and Virar) – This is more of a posh area in the red light district, but it's also the busiest area with lots of people coming and going, so it's good for everyone to watch out for pickpockets.

5: Golibar Street next to Sewri railway station – This is more like a residential area than anything else. It's best to come here at night and many girls here will be ready to take you back home if you're staying nearby or your hotel allows guests.

6: Sion, opposite Sion railway station – It's not a very busy area for tourists and my friend who visited once said it's the best one he's ever been to.

7: Byculla (very near Masjid Bunder railway station) – This is a big red light area in Mumbai. But notice that most girls will be unwilling in asking you for money, so go here if you wish to have some fun!

8: Gamdevi (near Reay Road), which is known as the Marine Drive area. There are many cheap hotels nearby and many girls dressed in shorts or saree will approach you with an offer to come with them.

9: Grant Road, which is another red light area.

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1: Jogeshwari (behind the Byculla railway station) – This one is really good if you're looking for a different kind of fun! If visited around 11 pm, you will find many girls waiting to take you back home or to their rooms nearby. There are lots of hotels nearby and some places accept guests for a day or night time. It's easy to find and if you're the adventurous type go here!

2: Chembur (near Sacred Heart Hospital). These are girls from the red light district, but there are also some who will be willing to take you home.

3: Bandra (near Juhu beach) – The red light area here is quite small, but if you're into women, it's really easy to find girls here!

4: Kamathipura, which is a red light area near Kamathipura Railway station.

5: Peddar Road (near the airport and International Airport hotel). This is an in-between residential area and a bit of a quiet place for those who wish to have some fun.

6: Jogeshwari (behind the Byculla railway station). This is a must-visit place if you're looking for a different kind of fun!

Depending on your preferences, there are plenty of other places with red light areas outside Mumbai. You can also check through our website, which has detailed information about the different areas around Mumbai and how to find the best red light area in each area.

Mumbai red light area price list:

A short-sleeved saree – ₹500 to ₹750

A long-sleeved saree – ₹900 to ₹1000

A bikini or other swimwear – ₹800 to ₹1000

(Note: The pricing for different things in red light areas fluctuates according to market prices)

Red light area services:

Nights in a hotel:  ₹2000 per night. A girl can go up to 3 nights with you. You will be charged by the girl's group. With some girls, you may be able to negotiate this price down and get a discount, but usually, they want around 2,000 per night.

Nowadays, most girls charge ₹500 per night. Even if it is more expensive than some other places, it is still cheaper than any other accommodation in Mumbai!

You can buy one-way tickets for the train from various parts of Mumbai to have a girl take you back home or to her accommodation nearby. A ticket from Churchgate railway station costs ₹300 on average and you will be given an amount by your girl's group. There are also buses that can take you to different places around Mumbai (such as Bandra) where there is a red light area.

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Top 5 red light areas of India

1) Sonagachi Red Light Area

Sonagachi Red Light Area is called Asia's largest prostitution center not only in India but is present in Kolkata city, the capital of West Bengal, India. This area is located in the northern end of Kolkata, near Shobha Bazaar (Chittaranjan Avenue), where more than 11,000 prostitutes are involved in prostitution.

2) Kamathipura Red Light Area

The Kamathipura red light area near the city of Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, is the second largest red light area in India. Three decades ago, there used to be more than 50,000 prostitutes in this area. Due to the ban on dance bars in 2005, many prostitutes left this area and migrated to other areas of India, due to which the number has decreased significantly.

3) Budhwar Peth Red Light Area

There used to be about 400 brothels in Budhwar Peth, but in the last few years, the police have closed many brothels. The Budhwar Peth area of Pune City is a big commercial center with electronic and book shops but by nightfall, it turns into a red-light area.

4) G.B Road Red Light Area

The full form of GB Road is Garstin Bastin Road but in the year 1965, the name of this road was changed to Swami Shraddhanand Marg. But even today it is known as GB Road which is the biggest red light area in Delhi. You must have heard in the news that Delhi Police often raids here because minor women from Nepal and Bangladesh are brought into prostitution.

5) Mirganj Red Light Area

Meerganj is a corner of Allahabad's oldest market square, Meerganj Mohalla. 150 years ago, there used to be Mujra, which is also recognized as a jewelry market. There are red-light areas in other cities of India as well.

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